2022 DUES & FEES

See our 2022 Season Presentation for more on Dewing Park Swim Club.

For questions about Dewing Park Swim Club's Pool Membership or the Seahorse Swim Team not addressed below, please use the Contact Us tab and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

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Dewing Park Swim Club is a community swim organization, owned cooperatively by our members. Club membership includes all members of the immediate family. Caregivers accompanying dependent members are also included. There is no day-use for this pool.  

Registration open Feb. 1, 2022

  • Annual Membership: $625

    • Dues for returning members in good standing. Does not include a maintenance fee ($150), which can be refunded with four hours of volunteer work.

    • Note: A one-time Buy-In Fee ($525) will be applied when families join as member-owners, their first year or after a Rental year.


  • Rental Membership:  $775

    • Families may rent a membership for one season. Rental members are not co-owners and have no voting privileges.

  • Splash Membership:  $125

    • Swim team family may buy a limited membership with no pool privileges outside of swim team events -- for one year only.

  • Last Summer:

    • Members' Buy-In fee maybe converted to annual dues in their final season. Members are still responsible for paying any fees and assessments. Maintenance may still be refunded with volunteer hours.

  • Summer Hold:  $250

    • Members are allowed a Hold on their membership once every five years. This Hold maintains ownership status.

FEES - We are are currently assessing an additional $50 to all memberships through 2022. This assessment was voted in by our membership in 2017 to fund the pools' replastering.

REGISTRATION: Note: register one person only; your family membership will be under this name. For additional questions about membership and registration requirements, please use the Contact Us tab.




All families with team swimmers under the age of 15 must also pay Club Membership fees (excludes Sea Ponies).

Registration open Feb. 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022 ($50 late fee applies March 14)

Under 15

1st and 2nd Swimmers  ......... $300

3rd Swimmer  .........................  $270

4th+ Swimmer  ........................ $240


15/18 Swimmers ..................... $275

Sea Pony

Sea Pony Program .................. $250

All swim team families must be members of the pool. There are several options for membership, see column at right. Sea Pony program participants do not have to be members of the pool but they have no use privileges outside of Sea Pony practice and events.

All swimmers have a $50 fundraising requirement. Swim team families with kids ages 4-14 have job requirements to fulfill during the season. Obligation hours are per family, not per swimmer.


For more information or questions about the Dewing Park Swim Team, please visit


New to the area and want to see what our Club has to offer?  Contact us to book a tour of our facility.  Please note that we are also open to the public on our Annual Open House, typically held in late April/early May. Check here for this year's date.



Due to Capacity Restrictions at our Pool, Dewing Park Swim Club
is open only to members, no Guests, this season. Sorry for
any inconvenience. 

Guests must be accompanied by a pool club member. There is a $3 per person guest fee. A guest card for $15 (5 guest visits) is also available for purchase. For information on hosting a private party/group at the club, please click here.


Members assume full responsibility for their guests in adherence to all rules and regulations. Children of guests will only be permitted to use the facilities under direct supervision of an adult member who is 18+ years of age.




Maintenance Days allow our members to recoup their $150 Maintenance Fee each season by volunteering four hours on pre-designated work dates.


We ask that each volunteer arrives promptly and participates the entire four-hour shift. Children are not allowed at maintenance days. 

This link will be live when we have a lineup of this year's maintenance days/projects.