2019 DUES & FEES

For questions about Dewing Park Swim Club's Pool  Membership or the Seahorse Swim Team not addressed below, please use the Contact Us tab and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

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If you are joining the Club (full pool privileges) you have two options: one is a Rental for one season only or you may become a Member.  Full details are listed below.  A Club Membership would include you, your spouse/partner, and any dependent children in your household.  

Registration open February 4, 2019 - September 30, 2019.

  • Annual Membership Dues:  $625

    • Returning Members in good standing.


  • New Member Buy-in:  $525

    • One-time fee for new Members—also see Rental option detailed below.

    • Note:  If this is Member’s last season at the pool, they may utilize their Buy-in fee for their final seasons’ Membership Dues. Please note that if the Last Summer option is exercised and Member decides to renew their Club membership the following swim season, they would be considered a returning Member and as such would be required to pay the Member Buy-in. Maintenance Fee applies to Last Summer registrants.


  • Membership Rental:  $775

    • New families may rent for one season only; includes pool privileges for the entire pool season.  Rental memberships are non-recurring, non-refundable one (1) season memberships. (Represents $625 Membership Dues plus $150 Rental Fee.)   This option may be used after utilizing the Splash Fee detailed below.  The New Member Buy-in would be required the following year.


  • Maintenance Fee:  $150

    • A $150 Maintenance Fee will be applied to Annual Membership Dues (excludes Rentals and Summer Hold registrations) at time of enrollment.  The Maintenance Fee may be refunded after four (4) hours of volunteer work at the pool (see available Maintenance Days and sign-up link below).

  • Special Assessment:  $50

    • A $50 special assessment fee will be applied to all 2018 through 2022 registrations, and is non-refundable (includes Member, Buy-in, Rental, Last Summer and Splash registrations).  This assessment was voted in by our membership in 2017 to fund the Club remodel.


  • Splash Fee:  $125

    • For new Swim Team families for first season only; no pool privileges outside of swim team events.


  • Summer Hold:  $125

    • Dewing Park Members may elect to use a one-time Summer Hold for $125.  If a family knows ahead of time they will not be utilizing the pool, this option allows the member to remain in good standing and maintain their membership.


A note when registering for the Club:  You will register one (1) individual (typically yourself as head-of-household or primary contact for membership) into the applicable group, read/check waivers, and check out.   For additional

questions about membership and registration requirements, please use the Contact Us tab.




All families with swimmers under the age of fifteen (15) must also pay Club Membership fees (excludes Sea Ponies).

Registration open February 4, 2019 - April 14, 2019.





























*DPSC Membership not required.  No pool privileges outside of designated DPST events/times.


Swim Team Registration closes April 14, 2019.   


For more information or questions about the Dewing Park Swim Team, please visit



Under 14


All 15-18 Year Old Swimmers*


Swimmer's fundraising in support of Team events.


Late Fee, Registration After 4/14/2019


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New to the area and want to see what our Club has to offer?  Contact us to book a tour of our facility.  Please note that we are also open to the public on our Annual Open House, typically held in April each season.  Check here for this year's date.



Guests (non-members) are welcome as long as they are sponsored and accompanied by a pool Club Member. There is a $3.00 per person Guest Fee.  A Guest Card for $15 (5 guest visits) is also available for purchase.  For information on hosting a private party/group at the club, please click here.


Members assume full responsibility for their guests in adherence to all rules and regulations. Children of guests will only be permitted to use the facilities under direct supervision of an adult Member who is at least eighteen (18)  years of age.




Maintenance Days provide our Members with the unique opportunity to recoup their $150 Maintenance Fee each season by volunteering four (4) hours of their time on pre-designated work dates.  Maintenance Day(s) to fill your volunteer hours are as follows:

  •   Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 9AM to 1PM

Maintenance Days do not fulfill any Swim Team Job obligations.


We ask that each volunteer arrives promptly and participates the entire 4 hour shift.   We are unable to break the shifts down among family members.  We also ask that all children be left at home. 



Can't make Maintenance Day? Members have the opportunity to volunteer once a week for a month on our landscape committee to recoup their Maintenance Fee.  These volunteers will maintain garden pots and garden beds in the Club grounds and in the parking areas by watering, straightening up borders, etc.