Dewing Park Swim Team has a great tradition of success both in and out of the water.  Friendships develop and life-long memories form on the pool deck.  We’re a community of diverse families with the common goal of creating a nurturing and safe environment for our children.  The strength of the team lies in our Seahorse spirit.  We invite you to join our team and partake in this great experience! 


Dewing Park is part of the Walnut Creek Swim Conference (WCSC).  The other pools in our conference are:  Larkey, Rudgear Meadows, Rudgear Estates, Indian Valley, Woodlands, Walnut Heights and Walnut Creek Swim Club.  We swim each of these pools in one “dual meet” over the course of the summer.  (We also swim non-conference pools during the season.) The season culminates with the climactic WCSC Championship Meet, which is always a highlight of the year! 


For further information about the Dewing Park Seahorse Swim Team, please visit them here!



Who can join swim team?

Any child who can swim a lap of the pool unassisted is eligible for swim team.


Do you have to be a member of the pool?

All families with swimmers under the age of 15 must  be a pool member to join swim team. The costs for pool membership are separate from swim team fees.


What if my child isn't ready for the swim team?

DPSC offers Sea Ponies which is an introductory swim program for children ages 4-7 years old who are not quite ready to begin swim team.

What if my child doesn’t know all the strokes?

Many of our first time swim team members don’t know all the strokes. Our coaches go over the techniques for each stroke and will teach your child all the strokes throughout the season.


How long is the swim season?

The season begins at the end of April or beginning of May and ends after the first week in August. There is a spring clinic the last two weeks of April that is optional and has an additional cost.


How often do you practice?

Practice is every day Monday through Friday and practice times for the various age groups can be found at the DPST website


How often do you have meets?

Swim meets usually begin in early June and take place every Wednesday and Saturday. We have two big meets a year, City Meet and Conference Meet and those are each two days long.


What are the parent volunteer requirements?

Dewing Park Swim Team is run entirely by parent volunteers. Each family is required to work swim meet jobs (timing, set up/clean up, etc.), a committee job (age group socials, pasta feed, and so forth), and a shift at the conference meet.  The number of jobs required by a family changes based on the number of swimmers/families registered for that particular swim season.


What kind of equipment does my child need?

We encourage members to purchase a team suit and cap for their child, however, it is not mandatory. They will will need suits to practice in, goggles, fins and stroke paddles which can be purchased at Sports Basement or at NorCal Swim Shop.

What kind of social events are there?

There are several different social events over the course of the season. Every age group has their own social event. The kids might go bowling, or the beach and we even have an overnight at the pool for the 9-10 age group. We also have pasta feeds before city meet and conference meet. There are many opportunities for the kids and parents to bond and have fun.

Whom may I call with additional questions?

Team Members may contact one of our Management Committee members for assistance.






All families with swimmers under the age of fifteen (15) must also pay Club Membership fees (excludes Sea Ponies).

On-line Registration opened March 6, 2017 and closed April 30, 2017.






































*DPSC Membership not required.  No pool privileges outside of designated DPST events/times.


Swim Team Registration closed April 30, 2017.  







For more information or questions about the Dewing Park Swim Team, please visit www.Dewing.com.



1st Swimmer


2nd Swimmer


3rd Swimmer


4th Swimmer


All 15-18 Year Old Swimmers*


Swimmers are obligated to sell minimum of $20 in raffle tickets in support of Team fundraising events.


Swimmers are obligated raise $55 for the Swim-a-Thon in support of Team fundraising events.


Late Fee, Registration After 4/30/2017


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