LIFEGUARD POSITION:  Part time positions, 1:00PM to 6:15PM/1:30PM-6:45PM/1:00PM-8:00PM, weekday and weekend shifts from mid-June through August 



To provide alert and active supervision of adults and children around the pool and deck facilities; to ensure the safety of all those in the pool area. To politely but firmly enforce all pool rules and policies in order to prevent accidents or emergency situations, and ensure the safety of all swimmers. To perform daily pool maintenance functions to uphold all public and LSI standards for cleanliness and safety, and provide a neat, aesthetically pleasing aquatic environment for our members and guests. To develop rapport with pool users of all ages and interests.



  • Leadership Skills

  • Professional & Responsible

  • Team Player

  • Enthusiastic & Achievement Orientated



  • Must have completed Sophomore year of High School  or High School Graduate

  • Lifeguard Certification

  • First Aid




  • Alertly and actively supervise the pool areas, and deck space; make sure you are visible to all pool users and give them your undivided attention. 

  • Scans the area of surveillance to make sure that members and guests are safe and behaving according to the rules.

  • Enforce all pool rules and policies, fairly and consistently.

  • Acts in emergency situations and provides rescue and first aid assistance up to his or her training level until medical personnel arrive.

  • Inspects the aquatic facility for unsafe conditions and cleanliness to prevent accidents and reports any hazards to the supervisor.

  • Assist members with questions or problems.

  • Fills out reports for incidents or other records for reference.

  • Checks and records pool temperature, chemical level and water clarity at LSI prescribed intervals; make adjustments as necessary.                                                                                                                       

  • Keep the deck area neat and clean; ensure there are clear walkways around the perimeter of the pool; return items left behind to lost & found; straighten and return furniture to deck; etc.

  • Complete daily cleaning checklists.

  • Complete additional responsibilities as assigned by the Pool Supervisor.



  • Maintains/renews required certifications as applicable.

  • Able to commit to set work schedule for duration of contract.

  • Attends all meetings and training sessions for facility staff.


Interested candidates may submit their résumé (Word, PDF or JPG) and application form via email as an attachment to membershipdewing@gmail.com or mail them to our PO Box (noted on application form).