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Dewing Park is hiring Lifeguards for the 2023 season! Pay starts at $16/hr. Shifts are weekday and weekend afternoons May through August. Interested candidates please fill out our application and send to

Find out more about certification and recert classes.


  • Must be 15 years old

  • Lifeguard Certification

  • First Aid


  • Be able to respond calmly yet quickly in an emergency

  • Have good leadership skills

  • Be professional and responsible

  • Be courteous and diplomatic in handling issues
  • Be able to commit to working weekends and holidays

  • Need to commit to a set work schedule for the duration of your contract

  • Must attend all meetings and training sessions for staff


  • Alertly and actively supervise the pool areas, and deck space; make sure you are visible to all pool users and give them your undivided attention.

  • Ensure members and guests are safe and behaving according to the rules.

  • Enforce all pool rules and policies, fairly and consistently.

  • Act quickly and calmly in emergency situations and provide rescue and first aid assistance up to his or her training level until medical personnel arrive.

  • Inspect the aquatic facility for unsafe conditions and cleanliness to prevent accidents and reports any hazards to the supervisor.

  • Fills out reports for incidents or other records for reference.

  • Checks and records pool temperature, chemical level and water clarity at LSI prescribed intervals; make adjustments as necessary.  

  • Perform daily maintenance functions to uphold all public and LSI standards for cleanliness and safety, and provide a neat, aesthetically pleasing aquatic environment for our members and guests.                                                                                                                     

  • Keep the deck area neat and clean; ensure there are clear walkways around the perimeter of the pool; return items left behind to lost & found; straighten and return furniture to deck; etc.

  • Complete daily cleaning checklists.

  • Assist members with questions or problems.

  • Complete additional responsibilities as assigned by the Pool Supervisor.

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