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Q: Why do all the kids need to get out of the pool during adult swim?

A: The 15 minute period serves a number of important purposes; 1) it offers our adult members the ability for quiet lap time in the pool throughout the afternoon, 2) gives a required relief period for our lifeguards, and 3) it provides a rest time and opportunity for children to use the bathroom. Additionally, we do have different supervision rules during posted lifeguard hours throughout the season.  


Q: Can I swim laps at Dewing Park Swim Club?

A: One lane is available for lap swimmers and swim lessons throughout posted pool hours. For details on our schedule, please refer to our Calendar


Q: Can I reserve the BBQ area?

A: DPSC Members may reserve the BBQ or West Lawn areas for private events. Details on our policy, fees and a request form are available on our Facility Rental page. If the areas are not reserved, it is available to all Club Members to use/share. Reservations are noted on the Club’s Calendar and are posted on-site.


Q: Is the pool heated?

A: Yes, DPSC keeps the water temperature regulated between 82°- 85° F throughout the swim season.


Q: Does the pool offer swim lessons?

A: Dewing Park Swim Club offers trained swim instructors to teach your child how to swim or improve their confidence in the water. Lessons are available to Members and the public, with discounts provided to DPSC Members. Registration and pricing is published on our website as applicable.

Q: Is there wi-fi access at the Club?

A: Yes, DPSC provides this amenity for Members and guests.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have a question or concern?

A: All general comments and questions can be submitted via the Contact Us tab; your email will be responded to and/or directed to the appropriate individual as quickly as possible. 

Q: Are you on any social media sites?

A: DPSC has a group Facebook page for registered Members of the Club or Swim Team. 

Q: I am interested in applying for a lifeguard position. How do I apply?

A: An application and open positions, as applicable, are noted on the Employment page of our website.

Q: How many members are there and how do I become a member?

A: Dewing Park Swim Club membership is limited to a total of 250 member families. If there are applications for membership and the membership is full, a wait list is kept. As memberships become available, they shall be offered for sale to those on the waiting list in the order in which they appear on the waiting list. Information on Membership Fees & Registration is available on our website.

Q: How often is the pool cleaned?

A: Both pools are vacuumed and on a constant filtration system. Water readings are taken daily (checking chemical level and water clarity to LSI prescribed levels), in addition to monitoring by our pool maintenance vendor weekly throughout the swim season.

Q: Is Dewing Park Swim Club open to the public?

A: No, the pool is a private club. Only Club Members and their guests may use the facility.

Q: How big is the pool?

A: Dewing Pool is 25 yards long (75’), and approximately 35’ across (5 lanes), with an attached diving well. There is also a wading pool for infants and toddlers (aged 5 and under).

Q: Who do I contact for my pool gate key?

A: Members may contact our Membership Director to request a key. Replacement keys are available to DPSC Members at $40 per key.

Q: My gate key is not working, whom do I contact?

A: Members may use the Contact Us page for assistance. As a reminder to membership: A new gate key is issued to Club Members each year -- for example please ensure you are using key engraved with “24” for 2024 season access. Additionally, key is inserted into gate handle knob (not upper deadbolt lock), and you must turn key counter-clockwise to unlock gate. Gate is to remain securely closed and latched at all times. Gate may not be propped open.

Q: When are lifeguards on duty at the pool?

A: Typically they are staffed afternoons June through mid-August. Lifeguard hours are published on our Calendar.

Q: When is the pool open?

A: Generally the pool is open five months per year from May through September from 7 am-9 pm. Opening and closing dates for the season will vary from year to year, and our hours of operation fluctuate depending on Swim Team Practice, Home Meets and other variables. See our Calendar for details.

Q: May I bring my dog to the pool?

A: With the exception of leashed/harnessed and tagged service animals, no pets are allowed on Club property.

Q: What are the pool rules?

A: DPSC Health and Safety Rules are available on Club Rules & Documents page and are posted on-site.

Q: Is food allowed at the pool?

A: Yes, Members and guests may bring food to the Club. The Club does not offer food for sale on site. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool or bathrooms; no glass bottles or containers in bathrooms, on deck or in pool. A drinking fountain is available on-site.

Q: Can members bring guests to the pool?

A: Guests (non-members) are welcome as long as they are sponsored and accompanied by a pool Club Member. There is a $3.00 per person Guest Fee. Members assume full responsibility for their guests in adherence to all rules and policies of the Club. Children of guests will only be permitted to use the facilities under direct supervision of an adult Member who is at least eighteen (18) years of age. All private parties/events on Club grounds require a reservation at a nominal fee. 

Q: Whom do I contact if there is a health and safety issue at the pool?

A: In the case of an on-site emergency, 911 should be called. If it is a non-life threatening health and safety issue (non-emergency, i.e., toilets, trash, etc.), please notify a lifeguard; if no lifeguard is on duty, a list of contacts is posted on the guard shack window.

Q: Is there an AED at Dewing park?

A: Yes, Dewing Park Swim Club maintains an AED. It is located at the entrance to the girls' locker room. All of our lifeguards are trained in its use, but AEDs are intended for use by the general public, with or without specialized training. An AED gives the person using it voice instructions and it will not allow a shock to be given unless the collapsed person needs one.

Q: I am interested in joining the pool. How do I schedule a tour of your facility?

A: Request a tour by contacting our Membership Director. A photo gallery is also available. Additionally, each year we host an Open House and invite members of the public to come enjoy our pool. Check our Calendar page for more information.

Q: May I host a private party at the Club?

A: All private parties or groups on Club grounds require a reservation at a nominal fee; DPSC Members may reserve the BBQ or West Lawn area for private events.  Details on our policy, fees and a request form are available on our Facility Rental page. If area is not reserved, it is available to all Club Members to use/share. Reservations are noted on the Club’s Calendar and are posted on-site.

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