2020 Re-Opening

Swimming pools have been given the OK under the County Department of Health to operate for swim on a restricted basis. There is no congregating allowed as of yet, so members cannot remain on property except when they are swimming/watching their kids.

We are strictly enforcing the following rules. If members are not following the rules we have no choice but to block access to the violators. The Club reserves the right to change this policy and the rules as information changes or as needed.

If you feel sick in any way, do NOT sign up or go to the pool.

Signups open each Sunday at 5pm PDT.  Each registered membership will be invited to the signup under one member email and Signup Genius will only allow you to sign under that email (this is to keep this group private).  Each signup will be for an hour-long session and
members will be able to sign up for 3 sessions for the coming week (Monday-Sunday).  On Monday at 12 pm PDT, we will open up any remaining slots for additional sign ups.

Per the County, we will have a full-time onsite supervisor who will check you in upon arrival.  Please arrive early so as to not be delayed checking in. Every member of your group should have a mask on during the check-in process.  If you are not on the signup you will not be allowed in, period.

Signups can be made up to the minute before; however you cannot delete your signup within 24 hours. This is to prevent last-minute deletions and slots from going unused.

We have SEVEN pool areas you can sign up for:
Lane 1
Lane 2
Lane 3
Lane 4
Lane 5
Dive Well
Baby Pool

LANE 1 AND LANE 5 MUST BE CEDED TO FAMILIES WITH VERY SMALL CHILDREN, DISABLED MEMBERS, AND ELDERY MEMBERS. If you have signed up for one of these lanes and a member arrives who needs this lane, you must swap with them.

Please remember we have many working parents who are only available evening hours.  Avoid these hours if you are able. Weekends will be popular, please do not always take weekend hours or bank hours together on weekends.


The BABY POOL’s usual age limit of 5 will be suspended for the season. Any age will be allowed.

This is for Members ONLY. Do NOT bring or invite non-member friends/families. This is very important - they are not covered on your release/waiver.

Limit only ONE household unit per lane at a time , no exceptions.

We have NO lifeguards on duty. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent.

Bathroom use is NOT recommended and is for emergency use only. Should you need to use the facilities please do so at your own risk and wipe down all surfaces before and after use.  The on-site supervisor can direct you to cleaning supplies.

Locker rooms, water fountain, and showers are closed.

Do NOT enter your designated area until the swimmer before you exits. Please respect the time limits and do not overstay your slot.

By signing up here, you agree that you and anyone whom you bring to the pool will abide by the (attached) wellness policy and that you and anyone whom you bring to the pool are bound by its terms. You agree that your use of the pool is at your own risk as stated in greater detail in the policy, which you have reviewed, understand, and signed.

Additional Reminders:

  • Please take the Dive Well once a week at first to give everyone time to get that coveted space.

  • You can cancel your slot right up to start time, but please remove yourself if you can't come so another may take your space. Gatekeepers will hold the lane, for the entire hour.  No-shows will be charged $15.

  • "Drop ins" are fine, the gatekeepers will let members take any no-named slots. Do this at your own risk - assigned slots get priority.

  • You may bank hours together, again please don't hoard dive well or Lanes 1+5

  • You may expand into other lanes IF no one else is on the Sign-Up Genius. Please check with the gatekeeper.

  • We have a supervisor onsite Mon-Sat at 7 am for adult lap swim.  No signups - first come, first served. Please be out of the pool by 7:50 am so that coaches have plenty of time to sanitize and prep for camp. 

Finally - please be respectful of other members and their concerns with respect to this virus. Always maintain six feet distance from those not in your household and wear a mask when entering and leaving and when distance is not possible. Shaming, arguments, rudeness and not following COVID-19 safety guidelines will not be tolerated and violators will be barred from pool use. We greatly appreciate everyone’s flexibility.

For questions, please contact Pam Ball at